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Whether you’re planning a trip to France or simply want to impress your friends at a local French restaurant, knowing some key French phrases for dining out is essential.

Here I will take you through a range of phrases, sorted by difficulty level, from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced). 

Watch the video by clicking on the image below to hear how it should sound and learn French dining out phrases for your next restaurant experience, no matter your language level.


Essential French Restaurant Phrases Video

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Essential French Restaurant Phrases by Levels:

Beginner Level (A1):
1. Bonjour / Bonsoir – Hello / Good evening.
2. S’il vous plaît – Please.
3. Merci – Thank you.
4. Je voudrais – I would like.
5. L’addition s’il vous plaît – The bill, please.
6. Au revoir – Goodbye.

Upper Beginner Level (A2):
1. Une table pour deux/trois/quatre personnes – A table for two/three/four people.
2. Avez-vous une table près de la fenêtre? – Do you have a table near the window?
3. Je n’ai pas encore choisi – I haven’t decided yet.
4. Une minute de plus s’il vous plaît – One more minute, please.
5. Qu’est-ce que vous recommandez? – What do you recommend?
6. Quelle est la spécialité du jour? – What is the specialty of the day?

Intermediate Level (B1):
1. Je suis allergique au… – I am allergic to…
2. Je suis végétarien/végétarienne – I am a vegetarian.
3. Je suis végétalien/végétalienne – I am a vegan.
4. Je suis intolérant/intolérante au lactose/gluten – I am lactose/gluten intolerant.
5. Pourriez-vous me dire ce qu’il y a dans ce plat? – Could you tell me what is in this dish?
6. Ce dessert est délicieux – This dessert is delicious.

Upper Intermediate Level (B2):
1. J’ai trouvé un cheveu dans ma soupe – I found a hair in my soup.
2. Ce plat est trop salé/poivré/froid – This dish is too salty/spicy/cold.
3. Le service était impeccable – The service was impeccable.
4. C’est le meilleur restaurant de la ville – It’s the best restaurant in town.
5. Je suis impressionné(e) par la créativité du chef – I am impressed by the chef’s creativity.
6. Ici les plats sont présentés avec beaucoup de soins – Here, the dishes are presented with great care.

Advanced Level C1:
1. J’ai beaucoup aimé la présentation de ce plat – I really liked the presentation of this dish.
2. Les saveurs de ce plat sont parfaitement équilibrées – The flavors of this dish are perfectly balanced.
3. Cette soupe est la plus délicieuse que j’ai goûtée de ma vie entière – This soup is the most delicious I have ever tasted.
4. Je suis impressionné(e) par la qualité et la fraîcheur des produits utilisés – I am impressed by the quality and freshness of the ingredients used.
5. Il faut avouer que ce restaurant est une véritable perle – It must be admitted that this restaurant is a true gem.
6. Je recommande vivement ce restaurant à tous les gourmets – I highly recommend this restaurant to all food enthusiasts.

If you’d like the FREE GUIDE with all the sentences, grab it HERE:

Reading a French Menu at Restaurant

A classic French dinner menu will often be divided in sections so here’s a list of what you might see:

  • L’Apéritif (The Aperitif): A light beverage – often alcoholic – to stimulate the appetite. Think of a crisp glass of Champagne or – my favourite – a Kir (white wine with crème de cassis).
  • Les Entrées (The Starters): This could be a fresh Salade Niçoise, a velvety Soupe à l’oignon (onion soup), or perhaps some Escargots (snails) for the adventurous.
  • Le Plat Principal (The Main Course): Here, you might find the classics Boeuf Bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine), Magret de Canard (duck breast), or a classic Coq au Vin.
  • Le Fromage (The Cheese): A selection of French cheeses, obviously. I personally love when they bring a full cheese platter, talk through all the options and the wait staff 
  • Le Dessert: Perhaps a tasty Crème Brûlée, Tarte Tatin (upside-down apple tart), or a sumptuous Mousse au Chocolat.
  • Le Café: A petite cup of strong coffee to conclude the meal.
  • Le Digestif: An optional drink to aid digestion, like a glass of Cognac or Armagnac.


Now that you have these essential French phrases for restaurants at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the dining scene in French-speaking countries or impress your local French restaurant with your language skills. Remember, you can get the full list of these “French restaurant phrases” here.


Bon appétit! Enjoy your meal!