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Understanding the sounds that certain combinations of letters in French make can be tricky for French learners. The individual letters and their combinations don’t tend to make the same sounds as they do in English.

This is where some learners can get confused.


There are different rules you can learn to help you understand how French letter combinations (whether vowels, consonants or a mix of vowels and consonants) are supposed to sound and act.

Learning these rules and being able to recognise any patterns will extend your understanding and pronunciation skills in French.

In conjunction with recognising the patterns in written words, understanding the French phonetic alphabet will also help you with your pronunciation and listening skills.



Learning to recognise the patterns in words that you hear in the spoken French language will go a long way to help you in your understanding and pronunciation skills.

In the video below , I go through different combinations to help you understand how to combine the French letters to make new sounds so you can start to recognise patterns in the spoken words and not just written down.

How to pronounce 45 French letter combinations

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