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When learning French you may need to know how to react to good news in a variety of situations, including personal, academic, or professional contexts.
For example:

• A friend tells you they just got engaged, or a family member shares that they are expecting a baby. What would you say?

• Your boss informs you that you will be receiving a raise or promotion. What would you say?

• An acquaintance tells you that their son was accepted into a prestigious program. What would you say?

• A colleague tells you that your team has been selected to work on an important project. What would you say?



French Phrases to React to Good News



Here are some extra phrases that you might find useful to react to good news:

• C’est fantastique ! (That’s fantastic!)

• Je suis vraiment heureux/heureuse pour toi ! (I’m really happy for you!)

• Félicitations ! (Congratulations!)

• Bravo ! (Well done!)

• Je suis fier/fière de toi ! (I’m proud of you!)

• C’est génial ! (That’s great!)

• Tu le mérites tellement ! (You deserve it so much!)

• Quelle bonne nouvelle ! (What great news!)


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