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If you are from Australia, it’s not always easy to know how to say it in French if you want to share more details than ‘Je suis australien/australienne (I am Australian).

When you tell someone where you live or where you’re from more precisely, some of the little words (here: ‘les prépositons’) matter.

You can start with:

Je viens d’Australie (I come from Australia).

If they reply with ‘Ah, d’où ça? J’adore l’Australie!’ (Ah, from where abouts/. I love Australia) then you’ll need to work out how to share more detail about cities and states.


La carte de l’Australie (the map of Australia)

Below is the map with the Australian states in French:

map of australia


How to say in to at in French

Here’s a quick rule of thumb to say ‘IN’ or ‘TO’ such as in ‘I live in X. I’m traveling to X’.

  • If the name of the state begins with a vowel, the preposition en is used to say ‘in’ or ‘to’.
  • The same happens when the name of the state is feminine – look out for (f) next to their French name in the first column– you can use en.
  • If the name of the state is masculine and starts with a consonant – look out for (m) next to their French name in the first column– the preposition à+le so au (or dans le) is used.


J’habite à Brisbane dans le Queensland. (I live in Brisbane in Queensland). C’est vrai (It’s true).

Je voyage en Australie méridionale jeudi prochain (I’m travelling to South Australia next Thursday)

To express ‘FROM’ when saying ‘I’m from Y’:

  • Simply use d’ if the state starts with vowel
  • If it starts with a consonant as is feminine, use de.
  • If it starts with a consonant as is masculine, use du.


Je viens du Territoire du Nord. (I come from the North Territory).

Ma famille vient du Victoria. (My family comes from Victoria).


Australian states and territories in French

Here’s the full table of Australian states and territories:

Le Nom
m= masculin

f = féminin

La Capitale

I live in … in …

I come from…

Le Territoire du Nord (m)


J’habite à Darwin au/dans le Territoire du Nord.

Je viens du Territoire du Nord.

Le Queensland (m)


J’habite à Brisbane au/dans le Queensland.

Je viens du Queensland.

La Nouvelle Galles du Sud (f)


J’habite à Sydney en Nouvelle Galles du Sud.

Je viens de Nouvelle Galles du Sud.

Le Territoire de la Capitale Australienne (m)


J’habite à Canberra au/dans le Territoire de la Capitale Australienne .

Je viens du Territoire de la Capitale Australienne.

Le Victoria (m)


J’habite à Melbourne au/dans le Victoria .

Je viens du Victoria.

L’Australie méridionale (f)


J’habite à Adelaide en Australie méridionale.

Je viens d’ Australie méridionale.

L’Australie occidentale (f)


J’habite à Perth en Australie occidentale.

Je viens d’ Australie occidentale.

La Tasmanie (f)


J’habite à Hobart en Tasmanie.

Je viens de Tasmanie.


If you are talking about going to, living in or coming from any of these places in Australia in French, I hope it helps.



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“I live in X and I come from Y”,

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