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Are you ready to have a blast while learning some key questions and answers to discuss the past week or weekend in French? I sure hope so, because I have a whole bunch of fun activities and tips to share with you.

Let’s start with some basic vocabulary. As you know “weekend” in French is “le week-end”?. Now, that wasn’t too hard so we can practice asking and answering questions about our weekends.

For example:

  • Comment était ton week-end? (How was your weekend?)
  • Mon week-end était génial! J’ai fait du camping avec des amis. (My weekend was great! I went camping with friends.)


See how easy that was? Now, let’s try asking and answering questions about the past week.

For example:

  • Qu’as-tu fait la semaine dernière? (What did you do last week?)
  • La semaine dernière, j’ai travaillé tous les jours et j’ai vu un film le vendredi soir. (Last week, I worked every day and I watched a movie on Friday night.)


Now, let’s make it a bit more fun and add some humor. Here’s a scenario: you’ve had a terrible week at work and you want to let off some steam.

  • Comment était ta semaine dernière? (How was your last week?)
  • Ma semaine dernière était tellement mauvaise que je pense que je vais demander à mon chef de me donner une semaine de congés! (My last week was so bad that I think I’m going to ask my boss for a week off!)


See how easy it can be to talk about the past week or weekend in French?

I have more suggestions for you in the video:


Talk about your Week or Weekend in French


So, my dear French learners, it’s time to grab a croissant, a café au lait, and start practicing!

Future you will thank you when you get to practice your French next.

À bientôt!


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