June 15, 2012

French Language Workshops

Consolidation French workshops to consolidate what you’ve learned

Our consolidation workshops are perfect for students who have completed a 12-lesson block of French classes at our Brisbane language school.

Offered throughout the year and at the conclusion of your 12-week course term, these workshops provide the most effective way to internalise all of the French concepts, grammar and vocabulary you’ve learned thus far.

These workshops are communicative-based, meaning role playing and interactive exercise will take precedent. You will use the language structures in authentic, memorable ways to cement your knowledge and feel utterly confident in conversation.

Pronunciation French Workshops to improve your pronunciation

Often there’s not enough time in class to zoom in on one specific field of language acquisition. If you want the secrets of French pronunciation revealed to you, come learn with an expert native French tutor.

The French pronunciation workshop at our Brisbane location is ideal for students already engaged in learning French, but who want to advance their native-like capacities. Spending the time in a specialised French pronunciation workshop is a good idea given that French can be a tricky tongue to master. Speaking and reading skills will greatly improve, and you just might finally conquer the ‘R’.

The workshop lasts for two and a half hours, focusing entirely on spoken French. The purpose is to give you customised, guided practice either privately or in a small group.

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