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If you’ve ever felt like you stagnate in French or take a step forward then take two steps back?

I know it can be frustrating.

Are you ready to learn how to leap forward with your French?

In this video, I share a different way of thinking about it.

My 3 top Tips Video

When learning a language, you’ll realise your progress isn’t a straight line from ‘getting started’ to ‘fluency’.

Life happens so you’ll need to adjust your schedule to not let the unavoidable wash away your French efforts.

It doesn’t have to be “two steps forward and one step back” each time.

Along the way, you’ll also learn to figure out (again and again) how you learn most efficiently.

Smarter not Harder…

In her book called ‘GRIT’ , Angela Duckworth talks about Grit vs Talent. Research shows that people love hearing about ‘naturally talented and gifted’ people and love celebrating overnight successes rather than objectively looking at all the underlying work involved in success.

Ever had someone around you say ‘you’re so good at languages’ or ‘I wish I was gifted like X at languages’?

The book really resonated with me especially when I hear monolingual people assume that certain language learners are somewhat ‘gifted at languages’ – as a teacher and a language learner – I get slightly offended because I understand all the hurdles involved,

These comments are rarely said to be hurtful but it feels like no acknowledgement has been made for all the hard work that went into it!

I think my graph below shows best what I mean!

In the above video, I share with you some mindset and strategic tips that will help you improve your French. No magic pill involved.

It will also create the next leap in your language learning!

These aren’t difficult I promise and done consistently, you will see some great progress in your French.

So if you listen to the tips I share, I’m sure you’ll see a noticeable leap in your French!

And – of course – for a bit more help with your French:

We can have a chat and discuss the best way forward for your French through our “Language Success Consultations’ or the variety of lessons we offer:

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